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  • 5 Cool Coding Apps For Kids

    Posted 30 October 2015

    Hands up if you know what this means? 

    10    CLS

    20    PRINT   "Anna"

    30    GOTO   20


    I'm pretty sure that this was the first programme that I learnt when  I was a young girl. My Dad had bought a home computer and I was FASCINATED that with a few commands I could manipulate what was displayed on my screen.

  • 12 Snazzy Tips To Help Your Child Be More Creative & Curious

    Posted 20 October 2015

    " A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning"  Brad Henry

    We all want our children to be proactive with their learning, and we each have a universal goal of inspiring our children to have a love for learning. Here I look at ten ways in which we can excite, engage and inspire children in equal measure.


  • The Awesome Egg Drop Challenge

    Posted 20 October 2015


    That's what normally happens when you drop an egg!!

    But with some creative ideas from budding engineers it's possible to drop an egg from quite a height without any cracks in sight!!

  • 5 Great Reasons Why Teaching Kids About Space is Awesome

    Posted 28 September 2015

    66,600 miles per hour.

    That is how fast we are hurtling through space whilst orbiting our Sun. And if that wasn't fast enough... we're also spinning around the Earth's axis at 1,070 mph!!

  • Top 12 Space Books for Children

    Posted 28 September 2015

    Space can be a source of never ending fascination for children, however making this sometimes complex subject easy to understand is no small feat, demanding great illustrations, easy to read text and presentations that capture imaginations.


  • Top 5 Coolest Constellation Activities for Kids

    Posted 02 September 2015

    Teaching children about the subject of space shouldn't be dull, dull, dull, particularly when this is a topic that can be so inspiring and intriguing! So here I take a look at five awesome constellation based activities from tried and tested kid friendly websites that provide fun and creative hands on learning ideas.

  • Worm Activities For Kids

    Posted 27 August 2015

    Worms are amazing creatures and can make the basis of a fantastic topic for children to learn about the world around them.
  • Ultimate Guide to Starting School

    Posted 04 August 2015

    So… your little one is soon to be starting school? Great, right? Well, perhaps not. Perhaps you’re feeling anxious, worried or out and out panic stricken. Truth is that even the hardiest of parents will have at least some feelings of uncertainty surrounding that first big day and the academic journey beyond it.


  • Fun Fingerprint Activities

    Posted 02 August 2015

    Fingerprints are the perfect example to illustrate to children how unique we all are, just like snowflakes. Providing real life examples of how this can be useful to help them to understand just how unique fingerprints are.

  • Why Is Space So Cool?

    Posted 05 January 2015


    I have always been fascinated by space. I remember as a young girl looking out of my bedroom window at the night sky and wondering what was out there? Was anyone looking down at Earth?  Were we alone? Were there aliens? What would they look like? If a spaceship arrived would I leave my

  • We're going on a treasure hunt!

    Posted 01 December 2014


    During the run up to Xmas, I'm going to be sharing some ideas for festive, outdoor adventures. It's easy to stay inside, snuggled up warm, at this time of the year but it really helps to get outside into the fresh air and allow your children to let off some steam  - I've also found it a great stress buster! The key is to make it fun...
  • Geocaching - a modern day treasure hunt!

    Posted 03 November 2014


    For those of you who have never heard of it, Geocaching is a type of treasure hunt where you search for caches hidden by other Geocache players. You can find caches pretty much all over the world and they are hidden in urban areas as well as the countryside. We tend to focus on the ones in nature and have been rewarded in learning more about our local area and discovering some beautiful walks.

  • Scavenger Hunts - a quick and easy activity for children!

    Posted 25 July 2014

    Keeping your children entertained over the summer holidays with fun and creative activities can sometimes be a challenge! Scavenger hunts are the perfect option as they are quick and easy to plan, require minimum supplies and suit a wide range of age groups. You can play them indoors on a rainy day, or outside when the sun is out. It’s a wonderful game to get your kids up and out into the great outdoors - using their minds and using up some energy, too! You can even gather a group of their friends together and turn it into a team activity for their next birthday party!

  • Journey Sticks - A Fun Outdoor Activity For Children

    Posted 10 July 2014


    Journey sticks have been used for a long time by many native peoples around the globe. They can help retell a story / journey with items that are collected along the way (feathers, leaves, twigs etc..) and are useful when navigating a new or unfamiliar route. You can etch symbols into the stick that represent land-marks on your journey or terrain such as a river, a forest, a valley, or anything else that will prevent you from losing your way on your return journey.

  • Top Five Children's 'How Does My Body Work?' Books

    Posted 05 July 2014

    Teaching our children the science of how our bodies function and develop doesnt have to be embarrassing or boring. While there are plenty of books to chose from, some are better than others at delivering complex information. Here is a review of some of the best books we have found that are informative, as well as entertaining.

  • Dinosaur Cooking Fun

    Posted 01 July 2014

    Does anyone recall Robin Williams in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’? Do you remember the scene where he is playing with dinosaur toys whilst rapping educational facts? Embarrassed at being caught, he explains that children learn easier if you make it fun, soon after he’s hired as the new main writer for the programme. Here’s the thing, hes right! 

  • Sundial Activities for Children

    Posted 27 June 2014

    As Spring moves into Summer, the days become longer and the Sun is out more  - yay!!. A pleasant activity to do on a warm sunny day is helping your children to create their very own sundial or shadow sticks. It’s the perfect excuse to get them outdoors, teach them some science and take part in a hands on educational activity.

  • Kim's Game - teach your children to be spies!!

    Posted 04 June 2014

    What better way to peak your childs interests in learning a new activity than by introducing it as a spy game. Kims Game from Rudyard Kiplings novel Kim is a fun activity for all age ranges. As you may recall, Kim, the heroic protagonist, masters certain spy techniques by playing games as part of his training.

  • Moon Activities for Children

    Posted 22 May 2014


    The Moon has been a source of mystery and wonder throughout the ages. It is the largest heavenly body that we see with the naked eye, which makes it a great starting point when introducing astronomy to children.

    Some fun, hands on activities will help your child understand how the Moon orbits the Earth and why it is different shapes during the month.

  • Are we nearly there yet? Top five games to play on a car journey!

    Posted 16 April 2014

    Holidays are upon us and that can mean long car journeys for some families. Im more than happy to put on a selection of my favourite cds and sing along at the top of my voice.. but shouts of stop, please stop  from the backseat

  • Tigershark Launch

    Posted 20 March 2014

    Hello and welcome to our very first Tigershark blog! After nine very busy months I'm very proud to open our doors to the public. There have been moments of frustration,...

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