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Top Five Children's 'How Does My Body Work?' Books

Posted: Jul 05 2014

Teaching our children the science of how our bodies function and develop doesnt have to be embarrassing or boring. While there are plenty of books to chose from, some are better than others at delivering complex information. Here is a review of some of the best books we have found that are informative, as well as entertaining.

1. See Inside Your Body (Usborne Flap Books)


This is a fantastic book and is a particular favorite of ours! Every page is beautifully illustrated with colourful pictures and diagrams that show the inner workings of the human body. It includes sections on Eating and Excreting, Breathing, Pumping Blood, Bones and Muscles, Brain Power, The Senses and Drinking and Weeing. Its written in a clear, witty and factual style using simple language thats makes it easy for children to grasp. Containing over 50 flaps that reveal more fascinating facts it will keep smaller children entertained for hours. My son loves it!.



 2. Parts (Picture Puffins)


This is a book that uses story-telling and humor to relate how our bodies renew and repair themselves. Its a great way to show your children the natural growing process of their bodies. It will keep smaller children interested and is a perfect teaching tool to help them understand some complex information. It also addresses some of the more interesting aspects to the human body, like belly button fluff and peeling skin. It reassures young ones that this is a natural process whilst including the hows and whys.



  3. The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body


A wonderful book from the educational yet fun TV programme Magic School Bus”. If you havent seen the show, Ms. Frizzle, the science teacher, takes her students on educational and fun field trips. In this book the field trip takes place inside the human body. It explains how we convert food into energy, move oxygen through our system, how germs affect us and how the digestive system works. Ms. Frizzle uses humor and puns to help relate educational information so children can remember what theyve learnt.     




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