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Are we nearly there yet? Top five games to play on a car journey!

Posted: Apr 16 2014

 Holidays are upon us and that can mean long car journeys for some families. Im more than happy to put on a selection of my favourite cds and sing along at the top of my voice.. but shouts of stop, please stop  from the backseat (and front) has relegated that pleasure to when I'm driving alone! So, the little ones must be entertained (by something other than my singing) or chaos will ensue and if, like me, you feel more than a little guilty letting them play for hour after hour on an electronic device here are a selection of some great games that even the most die-hard Angry Birds fan will enjoy... 

Tip* Have the driver be the first player and move clock-wise 
  1. Last Letter Game

    A particularly good game for younger children learning to spell. First, pick a category subject, like animals for example. Player One names any animal they can think of. The next player must name an animal that begins with the last letter of the prior animal. So, it goes something like this, Bear,” “Rhinoceros,” “Snake,” “Elephant.You can customize the rules to make the game easier for little ones or bit more challenging for teens. You can also add a time limit when someone gets stuck.

  2. Im going to the greengrocers store..

    A popular game that almost everyone is familiar with and is a perfect for exercising and strengthening one's memory. It starts with Player One saying Im going to the green grocers store to buy apples (for example). Player Two would repeat Im going to the green grocers to buy apples and cherries (for example).If a player forgets an item, theyre out and the one with the best memory wins. If you have younger ones, you can make this game extra fun by changing it to Im going to Harrods to buyand add some silly items (hippopotamus shampo) that will make your little ones roar with laughter.

  3. Storytelling

    This is a wonderful game to bring out the creativity in your family. Player One starts with the first sentence, for example It was a dark and stormy nightor It started as just an ordinary day, until…” Player Two adds the next sentence, for example "Louise realised that she had become invisible." This game is lots of fun and is also easy to play with any age range.

  4. Pick a Car Colour

    This is a very simple game but can easily occupy a good half hour or so (particularly for younger children). As the name suggests, before you pull away from the curb everyone choses a colour and tallies up the number of vehicles they see in their chosen colour. At the end of the trip (or when you see signs of boredom coming on) the player with the most cars wins.

  5. What Animal Am I?

    Player One starts the game by picking an animal (and keeping it secret) while the other players try to guess what animal Player One is. Player One can only answer yes or no.The player who guesses correctly goes next. Simple but very entertaining.

Dont forget the classics, I Spy, Name That Tune, Rock-Paper-Scissors and Chinese Whispers. You can bring along little prizes to give out to the winners a few stickers or sweets. The key is to keep it fun and hopefully the hours will whizz by and before you know it you will have arrived at your destination!

We'd love to hear what games your family plays....

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