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We're going on a treasure hunt!

Posted: Dec 01 2014

During the run up to Xmas, I'm going to be sharing some ideas for festive, outdoor adventures. It's easy to stay inside, snuggled up warm, at this time of the year but it really helps to get outside into the fresh air and allow your children to let off some steam  - I've also found it a great stress buster! The key is to make it fun...

My first idea for you is treasure hunt using chocolate gold coins. It's a very simple activity and is super easy to alter slightly to cater for children of different ages. It's also a great activity for a group of friends. My son loves this and I hope your children do too!

It requires a little preparation as you will need to write a few clues in advance and also pick up some chocolate coins when you are at the shops. Simply, choose a favourite walk or park and write some clues that will lead to the treasure. How many clues you write will probably depend on the age of your children age and how long your walk is.

On the day, one adult will need to go ahead of the rest of the party to set up the clues and hide the treasure. To keep the clues dry you could wrap them up in tinfoil  - just make sure you collect them all up again!  Alternatively, old 35mm camera film cases are perfect!


  1. If you have very little ones you can just hide coins as you walk along! (I used to say I could smell chocolate when I'd secretly hidden one and my son would start trying to find it!)
  2. If you are in a park you could still hide the treasure but instead of hiding clues you could give them directions to the treasure using compass points and number of steps. i.e. NE 20 steps, S 50 steps etc..
  3. You could leave one gold coin with each clue (good to keep up their enthusiasm on longer walks) and another pack of coins as the final prize.

I've found the key to encouraging my son to enjoy being outside is to make it fun and nothing could be more fun than a edible treasure hunt! I hope this has given you some ideas that you can use. If you do go on a treasure hunt, I'd love to know.


This is my first suggestion in my 12 Days of Xmas activity series, if you liked this, you can sign up and receive a new idea delivered to your inbox. Includes winter picnics, Xmas moon walks, fun competitions and heaps more... 

Best wishes

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  • Posted by Maritza Parra on December 02, 2014

    I absolutely adore the way you bring back simple yet powerful ways of enjoying time with your kids!

  • Posted by Dean Patino on December 02, 2014

    Anna, I really enjoy all these great suggestions. Here’s another one for outdoor activity with kids, a great way to enjoy family time while taking in fresh air while bonding closer!

  • Posted by Jodi on December 02, 2014

    Anna, I’m doing this! Though I don’t have children, I’ll be visiting home where 11 nieces and nephews will be. I’m sure to be the favorite aunt with the activities I collect here. ;)

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