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Why Is Space So Cool?

Posted: Jan 05 2015

I have always been fascinated by space. I remember as a young girl looking out of my bedroom window at the night sky and wondering what was out there? Was anyone looking down at Earth?  Were we alone? Were there aliens? What would they look like? If a spaceship arrived would I leave my family to experience space travel ( Oh yeah – I was a dramatic kid ! ) How far away was the nearest galaxy? How long would it take me to get there? What was at the end of the Universe and what was the other side!!! I remember endless conversations with my wonderful Dad – talking about these and coming away with a head full of yet more questions, and a sense of wonder, mystery and excitement bubbling inside of me…..


Why I Love Space As A Topic For Children?

I think that being interested in space is so wonderful as it naturally inspires and encourages many sparks off thoughts around the big, philosophical questions…

What is this all about?
What is this existence I find myself in?
Is there a design?
What is the meaning of life?

      It creates a sense of mystery – which I think is an amazing feeling to have...  

      To quote Einstein -

      "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead —his eyes are closed."

      Inspiration For Educational T-shirts

      In 2013 I decided to create a range of educational t-shirts for children (I was fed up with the lack of choice - either super heroes or cute!) and one depicting the solar system was at the top of my list. All my designs are created to encourage a love of learning and to nurture a sense of wonder in nature and the natural world. If I can pass on these feelings to my son and  other children I will be a happy lady. My aim is that my t-shirts and associated activities will inspire curious kids and spark a lifetime of questions...

      All my t-shirts look and feel great, I use quality super, soft pre-shrunk cotton that will look great wash after wash. They are all designed, printed and finished in the UK. Currently available in ages 5-11.


      Curious Kids Space Programme

      I am creating a fun packed space activity programme which will be delivered straight to your inbox. It will save your hours of time trawling the web for space related activities for your children and will be a great resource to turn to if your child is working on a space project at school.

      Includes : videos on space topics, a downloadable bundle including a tonne of super cool space facts, free printables, fun educational activities and a curated list of fabulous space related books and websites. Plus a competition to win one of my solar system t-shirts. Sign up here to receive further info and inspire your kids with this fab topic...

      How many rings does Saturn have? (answer)

      Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and has a fabulous ring system that was discovered by the astronomer Gallieo Galliei in 1610. It has four main rings and three fainter rings. These groups are separated by spaces called divisions. It also has 53 known moons  -  the largest Titan is bigger than the planet Mercury!


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      • Posted by Jaime Slutzky on January 07, 2015

        Love it!

      • Posted by Bob Nolley on January 06, 2015

        Anna, this is such great stuff! I was a space freak when I was a kid…I would have been all over this!

      • Posted by Valerie Shoopman on January 06, 2015

        Love your story and inspiration for creating the t-shirts! Adding in the activity programme geared around space will be a super fun day for the kiddos and save parents and teachers a ton of research time! :)

      • Posted by John on January 06, 2015

        Anna, a friend of mine was on 3 shuttle missions and commanded two of them. Space is such an inspirational area and ignites the imagination. I love you you are pulling kids into such a great endeavor!

      • Posted by Maritza on January 05, 2015

        This is so cool Anna! I will definitely be sharing this with all my nieces and nephews, who are all entranced by outer space!

      • Posted by Jodi on January 05, 2015

        Anna, having just spent a lot of time with my nieces and nephews over the holiday I noticed the interest and delight they take in their clothes. They like all their favorite things to be pictured and spelled out on their shirts. This is a wonderful idea and the programme sounds fantastic!

      • Posted by Dean Patino on January 05, 2015

        Anna, this is very exciting! Kids are fascinated with outer space. All the books and movies about it, let alone TV shows past and present surely underline that. Adding the educational element makes it that much more interesting and a great walking, talking piece for kids to converse about.

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