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Worm Activities For Kids

Posted: Aug 27 2015

The Wonderful World of Worms

Worms are amazing creatures and make such a cool nature based topic for kids. Gardeners friends, they are often misunderstood as not everyone takes to these slimy, wriggly pink things...but these lowly creatures are so important to our eco system - without worms our entire natural habitats would be disrupted. With that in mind I've picked out some fab online resources for you that will hopefully inspire your children to learn more about the wonderful world of worms.


10 Interesting Facts About Earth Worms

    • Worms don't have any lungs - they breathe through their skin.
    • There are around 3000 species of worms globally with at least 27 in the UK
    • Some species can grow up to 3 metres in length!
    • Worms are hermaphrodites - they are both male and female.
    • Baby worms emerge fully formed from eggs.  
    • Worms can live up to 10 years
    • One species of worm is bright blue
    • There are four types of earthworm - one type burrows horizontally and another type burrow vertically.
    • Worms have hairs on their bodies called Setae, that help them move through the earth.
    • Worms can have up to five hearts!

    Giant Earthworm - a Short Video

    Fascinating glimpse into the life of a giant earthworm... 

      We Love Worms - Online Lesson Plan

      The Worm Unit from Stem Mom is a pretty comprehensive page on all things that are worm related. Here you will learn about the science behind worms,   experiments that you can create with worms, worm related maths activities (of which there are surprisingly many!) plus a tonne more inspiring topics.

      Stem Mom is a blogger who is also known for her helpful articles, so prepare for a worm piece that serves up plenty of activities, resources and easy to digest information.

      Read more about the ultimate worm unit


      Making Your Own Wormery

      Building your own womery is great fun. I remember doing this has a young girl with my Mum and an old fashioned sweetie jar. The brilliant team at Science Sparks have put together a fab step by step guide for head on over for a full tutorial on creating the ideal environment in which to house your worms!

      Read more about making your own wormery


      Mini-beast Adventure with Jess

      This short video is from a fantastic BBC children's series all about mini-beasts. This episode is dedicated to the worm and the presenter Jess will take you and your child on a worm adventure. She covers the anatomy of the worm and explains how they taste, see and how they make their tunnels, amongst many other things. Click on the video to watch now.. 



      Further Resources


      The Adventures of Herman - a brilliant website all about Herman the worm.

      The Amazing World Of Earthworms - a cool BBC Springwatch video all about earthworms

      Why Are They Slimey - more worm facts!



      Superworm - fab book by Julia Donaldson

      Diary of a Worm - Brilliant book for young children

      Yucky Worms - Educational, creative with fabulous illustrations 



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