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Top 12 Space Books for Children

Posted: Sep 28 2015


Space can be a source of never ending fascination for children, however making this sometimes complex subject easy to understand is no small feat, demanding great illustrations, easy to read text and presentations that capture imaginations. So here I present twelve books that have achieved all of these things and a whole lot more besides - making the subject of space the intriguing learning experience that it should be for your children.


1.    National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space - Catherine Hughes and David Aguilar

The National Geographic sure know how to create visually compelling images on everything from planets to stars and onto galaxies and more. This book is intriguing from the front cover to the back, and it serves as an ideal first reference book.

Age range:  4 - 8 Years.



2.    How to be a Space Explorer: Your Out-of-This-World Adventure - Lonely Planet Kids

This fun little book provides the information that all young people need to know about space travel. It includes topics such as living with zero gravity, how explorers find their way around our solar system and, as any future astronaut needs to know, how to wee when in a spacesuit!

Age range: 8 Years and upwards.









3.    See Inside Space (Usborne See Inside) - Katie Daynes and Peter Allen

This book goes beyond 2D visuals to present space in an altogether more interactive way through various flaps that reveal facts and information. It covers everything from the Milky Way through to the Big Bang.

Age range: 5 Years and upwards.







  1. Comets - Melanie Chrismer

This charming book is perfect for honing in on the fascinating subject of comets presented in easy to understand ways with lovely illustrations.

Age range: 3 Years and up.








  1. On the Launch Pad: A Counting Book About Rockets - Michael Dahl

This compact little book that counts down from 12 to 1. It is full of plenty of fun and bright illustrations  as well as short, sharp and simple text.

Age range:  2 Years and up.






  1. Aliens for Breakfast - Jonathan Etra

This fun and completely fictional book follows Richard on his day that goes from ordinary to decidedly weird when a wisecracking alien freedom fighter emerges from his cereal bowl.

Age range: 3 to 6 Years.







  1.  Marshmellows for Martians  - Adam Guillain

Marshmallows for Martians is a colourful and fun rhyming picture book perfect for children who love space, aliens and adventure! 

Age range:  3 - 6 Years.







  1. Floating in Space - Franklyn Branley

For children who dream of being an astronaut there is this little book that takes them into the magical world of outer space.

Age range: 6 - 9 Years.





 9. Zoo in the Sky - Jacqueline Milton

This beautifully illustrated book describes some of the animal based constellations and the well-known stars within them. The text is engaging, simple and informative  - full of cool and useful facts that children love. A complete treasure that they will want to read over and over again.

Age range: 4 Years and upwards.






10.  Living in Space - Katie Daynes

This book covers all that needs to be known about living long term in space. It aims (and achieves) to inspire children to learn more about space and has been put together by a team who clearly understand reading levels.

Age range:  5 Years and up.







11. Infinity and Me - Kate Hosford


Not strictly confined to space,  I decided to include this charming book in my list as the main character, eight year old Uma, looks at the night sky, at all the stars, and wonders about infinity.  Quirky and original with stunning illustrations, this book is a complete delight and a great introduction to the concept.

Age range: 6 Years and up.








12. The Night Sky - Meredith Hamilton



The Night Sky is a fabulous introduction to astronomy and stargazing. Well laid out and packed full of information and eye catching illustrations it includes the achievements of the great scientists, the history of space exploration, the story of our solar system, the myths behind the constellations, and how to navigate the night sky. Includes a star wheel and stickers too!!

Age range: 8 Years and up.






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