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  • Dinosaur T-Shirt
  • Dinosaur T-Shirt
  • Dinosaur T-Shirt
  • Dinosaur T-Shirt

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Dinosaur T-Shirt

An awesome dinosaur t-shirt! Available in various colours.

The design shows silhouettes of three dinosaurs: Stegosaurus, T Rex and Brachiosaurus. Our dinosaur t-shirt design is screen printed on good quality, ring spun, cotton shirts. Our dinosaur t-shirt compares different size dinosaurs illustrating the concept of ‘tall, taller and tallest.’

Dinosaurs were creatures that lived millions of years ago. They have long, strange sounding names which often come from the Greek language. Stegosaurus means ‘roof’ lizard which refers to the plates that run done it’s back. Stegosaurs could grow to 2.75metres. ‘Tyrannosaurus’ means ‘tyrant lizard’. The word ‘Rex’ means ‘king’ and comes from the Latin language. Tyrannosaurus could grow to a height of 6 metres. The name Brachiosaurus means ‘arm lizard’. The name is in reference to the Brachiosaurus legs which were longer at the front than the back. The Brachiosaurus could grow to 15 metres high.




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